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Rotair Food Grade Screw Compressor Oil - 5 Litres 1630082100

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Rotair Food Grade Screw Compressor Oil - 5 Litres 

Part Number: 1630082100

Rotair screw oil is formulated for all ABAC screw compressors. The use of low performance lubricants will irreversibly damage your equipment and lead to high maintenance and repair costs.

It is recommend replacing your oil every 2000 hours or alternatively every 6-12 months.

The use of ABAC engineered lubricants will help you to reduce the risk of:

  • Compression element failure.
  • Wear of components, increased friction, cavitations.
  • Reduced cooling, overheating bearings, compression elements, components
  • Reduced critical clearance
  • Corrosion
  • Wrong pH damage of parts, seals and internals
  • Varnish layer on internal parts (coolers, piping...)
  • Low performance, higher energy consumption
  • Deposits
  • High unpredictable maintenance cost
  • Clogging of oil filter, separator and down stream air filters
  • Limited operation range.

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