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  • ABAC Pro A29B CM3 Belt Driven, Lubricated, Piston Compressor

ABAC Pro A29B CM3 Belt Driven, Lubricated, Piston Compressor on a 50L Tank Receiver @ 10 Bar 4116024949

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ABAC Pro A29B CM3 Belt Driven, Lubricated, Piston Compressor on a 50L Tank Receiver @ 10 Bar 

Part Number: 4116024949

If you need a portable air compressor for your workshop, the belt-driven ABAC PRO A29B 50 CM3 is great value for money. This is a belt drive compressor that you can use on commonly used air tools. It gives you a perfect combination of features. It is heavy duty and compact, with wheels and a comfortable handle so it’s easy to move around.

The ABAC PRO A29B intermittent use range is an ideal compressor for small to medium sized garages and workshops. It comes with a regulator and gauge so it’s simple to control accurately. The A29B system includes an aftercooler which cools the compressed air. This improves the durability of your equipment because moisture condenses out when the air temperature drops and this means the air will be drier when it runs through your air lines and air tools. The A29B also has quick couplings which makes it simple for you to switch between tools.

Click here to download the PRO Series Piston Compressor Range Brochure


Model: Pro A29B
Oil Free/Lubricated: Oil Lubricated 
Drive: Belt Driven
Pump: A29B
Receiver: 50 Litre
Capacity: 8.9 CFM
Pressure: 10 bar / 145 psi
Motor: 1.5kW  / 2HP
Noise: 73 dB(A)
Volts: 230/1/50 *Run off a 13 Amp supply*
Start Method: DOL
Number of Cylinders: 2

Dims: 84.7 x 39.5 x 79.6cm
Weight: 45kgs



12 Months warranty subject to terms and conditions

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