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  • ABAC Genesis 11kW Compressed Air Compressor
  • ABAC Genesis 11kW Compressed Air Compressor

ABAC Genesis 11kW Fixed Speed C55* Rotary Screw Compressor on a 270ltr or 500ltr Tank Receiver @ 8, 10 or 13 Bar 4152025405

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ABAC Genesis 11kW Fixed Speed C55* Rotary Screw Compressor on a 270ltr or 500ltr Tank Receiver @ 8, 10 or 13 Bar

The ABAC Genesis rotary screw air compressor is a unique integrated air workstation with compressor, refrigerant dryer, automatic drain, line filtration (0,1 micron) on a 270 or 500 litre tank receiver.

Key Features:

Dry and clean air, ready to use - the genesis series has a compact design, built with a generously sized dryer that grants you moisture free air at all times. All units are equipped with an efficient filtration system that filters solid and liquid particles up to 0.1 micron.

Plug and play maintenance -  with good positioning of all service items such as belts, oil and air filters plus an external oil level indictor enables you to have an ultimately easy and fast maintenance. long service intervals and smart maintenance kits creates a complete user friendly experience 

Full control in a few clicks - the Infologic2/Airlogic2 Controllers give you easy access to menus and all key performance indicators necessary to drive operation. It also features remote control interface with up to 6 compressors, programmed routine maintenance, fault log and other functions. 

New generation air ends - the new generation air ends guarantee you superior FAD efficiency, more robustness and reliability.

Standard efficiency included for a long lifetime at low cost - powerful independent motor cooling guaranteeing ideal temperatures even on extreme conditions; high efficiency air/oil aluminium cooler back.

No loss automatic condensate drain - the noise free automatic condensate drain discharges only water. there is no waste of air. this silent process respects your working environment.

Click here to download the Genesis Series 5.5 to 22kW Brochure

 Options and Specifications:

270 Litre Receiver Mounted

11kW / 15HP | 65 dB(A) | C55* Air End | Dims: L1150 x W655 x H1687mm | Weight: 366kg

  8 bar / 116 psi | 59.2 CFM - Part Number: 4152025405  
10 bar / 145 psi | 53.3 CFM - Part Number: 4152025406
13 bar / 188 psi | 42.7 CFM - Part Number:  4152025407 (Special Build)


500 Litre Receiver Mounted

11kW / 15HP | 65 dB(A) | C55* Air End | Dims: L1935 x W665 x H1689mm | Weight: 451kgs 

  8 bar / 116 psi | 59.2 CFM - Part Number: 4152025413 (Special Build)
10 bar / 145 psi | 53.3 CFM - Part Number: 4152025414 (Special Build)
13 bar / 188 psi | 42.7 CFM - Part Number: 4152025415 (Special Build)



2 Year warranty as standard subject to terms and conditions.

5 Year warranty purchasable subject to terms and conditions.

Delivery and Availability: 

Estimated delivery is 3-5 working days on all stocked basic models, which include 8 and 10 bar compressors on a 270 litre receiver.

4-8 week delivery on all special builds, which include all 13 bar and 500 litre receivers.

All delivery times are dependent on stock. 

If you require any further information, or are unsure what compressor is best for your needs, please feel free to contact us via email on